Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Perfect Christmas Pampering

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well & had a good weekend & start to the working week.

I literally cannot believe how quick Christmas is now coming round. Or is that just me? The lead up to christmas always goes so fast. You start the your advent calendar & thats it.

One of the things that I think most people forget over Christmas is to take time out for themselves & have a little pamper session. Because let's face it there is always so much to prepare for when it comes to Christmas. Sometimes you need some time to unwind & de-stress. Not only that but we all need that bit of TLC that you deserve.

So here are some of my top Christmas pamper goodies for that night in to cosy up & watch you favourite christmas movie:

Clipper Tea
What better to have on a night in than tea! 
Clipper tea is a UK brand founded in Dorset in 1984. They were also the first UK company to create fair trade tea. All of their products are natural even down to the actual tea bags material. Most tea bags are bleached to make them the pearly white colour that they are but not Clipper's tea bags. Which is why you may notice they are not the perfect white colour. Clipper sell not only different tea's ranging from Green Tea, everyday tea, white tea, coffee, hot chocolate & other hot drinks. I have recently been trying to be a bit of a health geek so I have tried the organic pure green tea. They come in cute tea tea caddies with clip to keep them fresh. They are the perfect gift for any tea lover!

Pretty Animalz By MasqueBAR
What perfect way to get into the christmas spirit than a Christmas themed printed face sheet mask. I literally love face sheet masks. Simply because they are so easy to apply & are great to have on while you are watching a film. MasqueBAR have come up with these cute christmas animal designs on theirs. You can choose from: 

*Penguin - Helps to nourish & hydrate the skin.
*Polar Bear - Helps hydrate, calm & soothe the skin.
*Reindeer - Helps to nourish & condition the skin.

So there is a cute mask for everyone! I actually adore these!
They are available online at Asos, Feel Unique or at the House of Fraser.

Face Mask Duo 
As the name reads this face mask comes as a duo so you can choose from:

Option 1: Before the party - Dead sea purifying clay mask which helps to deeply cleanse to the skin & After the party which is a Manuka honey peel off mask which helps to nourish & moisturise the skin.

Option 2: Before the party - Super fruits Exfoliating mask, followed by a After the party of Black Seaweed Peel off mask.

I think they are the perfect product to help give your skin that extra bit of TLC that it can need after all the festive stress & events. They are available to purchase from Superdrug & are one of their new products which I think are fab! 

Hot Cocoa Cream Mask 

Sticking with the christmas themed face masks. iN.gredients have recently blessed us with 6 delicious festive flavour face masks. Each cleanse & purify your skin whilst helping to minimise the appearance of pores. It helps leave your skin feeling hydrated & nourished. Which is perfect for this time of year when the cold weather dries out your skin. You can choose from:

*Pumpkin Spice Latte
*Egg Nog 
*Candy Cane
*Apple Pie 
*Hot Cocoa

Again like the other masks they are perfect for keeping on while watching a christmas film.
You can find them on Asos.

All the products are linked in their descriptions so if you want to find out more about them or treat yourself to some perfect christmas pampering goodies then these are perfect!

Take Care,
Love Lottie xox

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Christmas Sparkles

Hello Everyone, 

I hope you are all well & having a fab week.
The countdown to christmas has begun & already the days are flying by & christmas day is nearly here.
I literally do not know where time goes or is that just me?!

One of the best things about Christmas is all the glitter you can get away with especially when it comes to make up looks! You can apply as much glitter to your eye lids as you like & look sassy as.

I have been looking for a eyeshadow palette which includes glitter eye shadows but it can be tricky to find one that gives you just that. All of them seem to be just basic shades or pigmented colours. 

So when I come across Jolie Beauty I was very happy!
Jolie Beauty is based in the UK, everything they sell is cruelty free, not tested on animals & they favour vegan products where they possibly can. They also regularly donate to animal charities & help promote awareness towards animal testing. Which I think there isn't enough brands out there that do anything like this. It is literally unheard of!

Jolie beauty sell make up brushes, which are made of synthetic hair not mink or animal hair. They also sell palettes, lip sticks, eyelashes, highlighters, contour kits & so many other different make up products. You literally are spoilt for choice!

The eyeshadow palettes they do are literally gorgeous! They cover so many different shades. Whether it be glitter or matte.

So I picked the Luxe Glitter Palette which comes with 5 eye glitters & 5 matte shades. So you can use both the matte & the glitter shades to create the perfect christmas eye make up look.

The shades go from a pale pink all the way into a deep pink rust. Then each matte shades has a glitter colour to match it! The eyeshadows are even water resistant! The colours are so pigmented & such amazing quality I literally cannot get enough of them!

You can find out more about Jolie Beauty, Shop & view their products at:


Take Care 

Love Lottie xox

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Pure Paw Paw Love

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well.

Once again my lack of motivation has been next to nothing. Literally am so tired & busy lately especially with the build up to christmas. But I really do need to put one of my goals for 2018 to be better at posting. I really am slacking in that department!

We can officially say Winter here now fully here! It is literally so so cold lately. I really am not a fan of the cold weather. I hate it. I mean it can be nice to look at like a frost & snow but other than that it's not for me at all. I suffer with bad circulation & can never get warm so I really do dislike.

Also the winter causes nothing but trouble for our skin. The cold weather can make your skin so dry, dehydrated & sore. Not only that but areas such as your hands can crack & even bleed. So your skin really does need some extra TLC during the winter.

I have found a product which I have started to use which I am loving!

Pure Paw Paw has recently launched in the U.K but is originally from Australia. Pure Paw Paw is now one of the best selling balms which contains Papaya. Which has natural healing properties. It is perfect for dry, cracked, dehydrated skin which the Winter weather can cause. It can help with areas such as irritated skin around your nails, cuticles, areas with tougher skin such as elbows & heels. Some people even use it for a that perfect brow fixer! But of course the most common use for it is your everyday go to lip balm!

Pure Paw Paw now comes in 4 flavours:
*Passion Fruit
All perfect flavours which make you dream even more of Summer.

They are also a vegan friendly brand which means their products are NOT tested on animals. They are fragrance free & use natural fruit extracts! So literally the best ingredients go into them.

The thing I love about this ointment is it is literally oh so versatile! It can be used from anything to giving your skin an SOS,cuticle cream, brow styler, make up primer & many other uses. It is one of those products which is great to carry around in your handbag at anytime simply because it can come in use for literally most things or if you just want it for your everyday go to lip balm. 

The tube is a perfect size to fit in your bag & carry around with you & also light. So you barely know you're carrying it.

I do not know now what I would do without it is that much of a little lifesaver.

I have the Watermelon & Grape ointments & they smell divine! Both such sweet scents which I love.

You can find out more about Pure Paw Paw or purchase your little tube of greatness at:


Take Care,

Love Lottie xox

Monday, 13 November 2017

Love Me Beauty New Picks

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well & having a good week.
I was off work last week using the holiday days up so I was trying to be more proactive & getting back into my blogging. I have stuff to catch up on & I think the distraction for me from my stuff going on in my own personal life will do me good so back at it I am so keep your eyes peeled :)

So I had my Love me beauty subscription arrive to me! It did arrive a few days ago now but I have not yet had a chance to show you the goodies that it included. But I'm finally getting to show you!

I have previously mentioned in a few of my posts about how Love me beauty works.But just to recap for you:

Love me beauty is a subscription of a different level for both beauty & make up products. It takes 3 easy steps too:

Step 1) You create a profile for yourself. Tell them of your beauty interests & they create the best recommendations for you!

Step 2) Browse through the months different products to choose from. You get to customise your order which is done monthly.

Step 3) All the products are then handpicked & delivered to your front door for you to try & review!

There are 3 different memberships to choose from.

Rolling monthly membership: £10(per month) + £3.95 p&p(per month)

*3 Month Membership: £9(per month) + £3.95 p&p (per month)
*6 Month Membership: £8(per month) + £3.95 p&p (per month)

Also if you use the discount code of:

Which will give you 20% off your first months subscription.

The subscription included:

I had previously tried Nuxe Paris from a previous month's subscription from Love me beauty & loved the hair, face & body oil. So I was excited to see another product from Nuxe to try.
This moisturiser contains plant milks & Algae extract which helps to provide 48 hours of hydration. It soothes & protects the skin from pollution leaving it feeling soft & fresh. 

You can apply the cream morning or night or both everyday to the face & neck area.

Then I saw this I thought it looked like a giant crayon I have to say. This is a great long wearing lip tint & hydrating balm. It is a non drying, pigmented colour, which helps give you full looking lips. It is packed with micro-particles of hyaluronic acid & tripeptide which helps increase the lips volume & helps them prevent the loss of collagen. It comes in 4 great shades! So there is a colour for everyone. The shade I have Mango is a deep pink kind of shade perfect for the autumnal season.

I have tried a lip crayon from Jelly Pong Pong before & was pretty impressed with it. So to try another of their products I was looking forward to. This is a velvet like texture cream which is meant to give you 10 hours of wear for your lips & cheeks. It contains Pumpkin seed oil to help damaged skin & Rhubarb extract to protect the skin from moisture lost throughout the day. 

Another product from So Susan in this month's subscription. 
This is a universal ivory cream crayon which helps you highlight those best places. It is made with white truffle extract to help reduce bags under your eyes & help increase your skins elasticity. Being a pencil it is so easy to use & blend. You can blend it onto your brow bones, cheek bones & dark circles. To help boost your skin's radiance. You can also highlight the bridge of your nose & your cupid's bow. 

This highlighting pencil is more of a peachy tone compared to the more ivory shade of the So Susan pencil. But again it can be used in the same way. This has many uses: eyeshadow base, waterliner & concealer. Like the So Susan highlighting pencil it can be used to blend onto your forehead, cheek bones, brow bone & along the bridge of your nose. 

You can find more out about Love me beauty & sign up for your subscription at:

All of the products I received are linked so if you want to find out more just click on the product names.

Take Care,

Love Lottie xox

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Hot Cloth Cleanser - Skin Truth

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are well.

Previously I've posted about a new Skincare brand which I started to try "Skin Truth". I had previously heard of them through being a beautician as I have used some of their products while training & things. But I had never tried the skin care products on myself. I had looked at them when going to Pro Beauty at the Excel but never actually brought the skin care range.

So I thought I would bite the bullet & try some out for myself. As it's always good finding new products which work well on your skin especially if you've had great experiences from previous products of theirs.

Skin Truth is a professional beauty range which includes advanced ingredients while giving a enhanced salon experience. All their products are also Paraben, Sulphate & Mineral oil free. They literally also have a range to suit everyone for everything from skin care, to manicure products to aromatherapy goods. You can purchase them from Salons who stock them, from beauty shows, to beauty trade shops or even online to try them for yourself. But I am literally so impressed with the range of products they have to offer.

The products I tried previously were more catered to my skin type but in with my skincare routine I am forever using No 7's hot cloth cleanser & muslin. It literally is my go to product & I cannot get enough of it. I use it both day & night.

So I thought I would give another Hot cloth cleanser a go & decided to try the Skintruth one. 

The Hot cloth cleanser is more of a deep cleanser which it perfect for all skin types. It is packed with Eucalyptus oil which uplifts & rejuvenates the skin. It removes impurities & any stubborn make up. It is also packed with Cocoa butter & Aloe Vera which is great to help soothe & replenish the skins moisture. 

The cleanser is perfect for:
*Deeply cleansing the skin 
*Leaving it feeling soft & radiant
*Removing any dirt & impurities

Most Hot cloth cleansers do come with a muslin face cloth too which is what you should use when using the cleanser but I will admit I don't always use the cloth & just use it as a deep cleanser. 

It is so simple to use yet so effective I find. You simply:

*Massage the cleanser onto your face & neck
*Make the muslin cloth damp with warm water
*Place the muslin cloth over your face to help open up your pores & soak the cleanser in or you can just simply use the cloth to wipe off the cleanser.
*Splash you face with cold water to close your pores 
*Dry your face

It's literally that simple to use & easily one of the best skin care products I have found to include in with my skin care routine. 

Price wise it is around the same kind of price as what I pay for No 7's hot cloth cleanser & I have to say it is on par with it! I was so impressed! So if like me you like your hot cloth cleanser or perhaps you want to try one which is good for all skin types this is perfect for you!

You can find the hot cloth cleanser or more of the Skintruth products at:


Take Care,
Love Lottie xox

Sunday, 5 November 2017

So Too Faced

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Hope you have had a good week & having a good weekend.
My week hasn't been too bad, I saw a dietician about my kidney issues Friday which was helpful but it has resulted in me learning I need to cut down on my tea intake. I seriously love tea! To me it's one of those things where it solves anything. Feel upset have a cup of tea, feel cold have a cup of tea. It's just one of those things for me but it means I've got to change for fruit tea. So I will keep you posted on how this changes.

Anyway I have heard so much about the make up brand Too Faced before but I never tried them before. Too Faced was founded in 1998. So it's a fairly modern brand compared to some brands. Too Faced is sold in over 30 countries & is one of the top selling brands. They are also having their first stand alone store opening in November at Carnaby Street, London.

The packaging of Too Faced is so unique, chic & fun. I think the idea behind their packaging & products is very eye catching. They do every kind of make up product you could want to complete your everyday look. From lip gloss, to eyeshadow palettes, to foundation,to lip primer, to setting powders. You name it they do it. 

So I have a few bits from Too Faced that I've tried recently which are great for your everyday use:

Melted Latex - Liquified High Shine Lipstick
Shades: Love U, Mean It & Hot Mess

The lipsticks are in like a glass effect lip gloss bottle along with gold detail to the packaging like the rest of their products. It also comes with a sponge like applicator to help make it an easy apply lipstick. It gives you a high shine look which defines your lips & makes them look both vibrant & juicy. Not only that but it gives your lips that full look, hydrates & makes them smooth. 

Love U, Mean It is a pink shade which is a fairly vibrant shade but also a pretty one. 

Hot Mess is more of a deep mauve berry shade which is perfect for a dark autumnal look.

I found with these that they remain put for a goods amount of time unlike some liquid lipsticks.

Chocolate Soleil - Medium/Deep Matte Bronzer

Who doesn't love a bronzer to complete that sun-kissed look?
This is a shimmer free matte bronzer which is perfect for contouring & creating that all over tanned look. The bronzer contains real antioxidant rich cocoa powder to give you that glow.

The bronzer comes in a gorgeous gold compact circular case with the brands name & a pattern embossed on the top of the packaging. Open it up to find a mirror so it is perfect to carry around in your bag with you & touch up your bronzer.

The shade is a lovely deep bronzed shade which is also light on the skin which is what I like as I don't like anything heavy. Not only that but it smells so sweet too.

Love Light - Prismatic Highlighter - Shade: Blinded by the light

One of my favourite make up products lately has to be a decent highlighter. I am such a sucker for a good one! That's not just me is there?

The high shine heart shaped higher is gorgeous!
It uses prisma shine along with powder, liquid, baked & cream formula to give you that perfect highlight & pearl look. All the shades are universal so they suit any skin tones & last for hours. So you can glow for longer!

The highlighter comes in a gold heart compact with the brands name embossed on the top of the casing. Open it up to find a mirror to touch up your glow on the go. The highlighter comes with TF embossed on it. 

The shade of the highlighter is a gorgeous gold shimmer which is pigmented & perfect.

Natural Eyes - Neutral Eye Shadow Collection 

I love eyeshadow palette's I think they are a great way to build up a collection of eyeshadows & have them in one place. Not only that but they give you a mix of colours to blend together to create a great look.

This eyeshadow palette is perfect for that everyday natural eye look. It comes with 9 richly pigmented shadows. 

This palette comes in a tin like compact case with a floral lace detail & gold embossed detailing. Inside it includes a a small mirror & leaflet which gives you 3 looks you can achieve: Day, Classic & Fashion. 

The 9 shades are neutral colours, nudes & also shades for that smokey eye look which are so pigmented & gorgeous. 

All of the Too faced products are such high quality.
I have to say my favourite has to be the highlighter & eyeshadow palette.

You can find Too faced products at:



Take Care,

Love Lottie xox

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Feather & Down Sleep Time

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you have all had a fab weekend.
It was my birthday yesterday another year already! Where does time go literally it flies by I swear. But I had a lovely birthday with family. What could be more better than that.

Previously I have posted about Feather & Down. As sometimes I do go through phases where I don't sleep 100%. I tried natural sleeping tablets & other things but nothing helped. So I decided to give Feather & Down a try. 

Feather & Down sell a range of products such as bath, body & home fragrances which were created to help us to sleep. Their products are blended with lavender & chamomile as these have calming ingredients to help relax the mind & help the body to unwind. All to help give a restful night sleep. Not only that but they are made in England. Which as you know I love supporting British brands!

Before I tried the Melting shower cream, Soothing body oil, All purpose sleeping balm & Pillow spray.

So this time I got:

Sleep Butter 
This is the perfect blend of essential oils blended along with rich butter which you leave to soak into your skin overnight. So you can awake with soft, nourished skin & a refreshed mind after a great sleep. The butter contains Chamomile which helps promote relaxation, calm your nerves, & relieve stress. 

You just massage it gently into your skin until it is fully absorbed. 

Sleep Salts
This is perfect for any bath love like me! Again packed with essential oils use the bath salts to fill up your bath before bedtime & help release a calming fragrance to help relieve stress & tension by relaxing your mind & body. 

To use add a generous amount into a lovely warm bath & then lay & relax.

Bath Essence
Again this product is great if you love baths! You can sink into a bath filled with the relaxing smell of lavender, Chamomile & essential oils. So it can help prepare you for a great nights sleep. I have also learnt that if you raise the temperature a degree or two of the bath water it helps with the cooling process at bedtime so it is more likely to help you fall asleep quicker.

To use just pour into warm water & soak yourself in the bath.

All of these products & their others are packed with lavender because Lavender is meant to help increase the type of brain waves associated with relaxation.

Also all the products are beautifully packaged. I just love the packaging. The products are also amazing quality & smell gorgeous. For me Lavender has always been a calming scent for me & helped aid sleep. 

Feather & Down also do home fragrances like candles & reed diffuserswhich are perfect for lighting in the bedroom or bathroom while you have a bath. To help release the gorgeous scent.

I have to say all in all the products are a great way to naturally help you to sleep better which I think is the best way.

So if like me you have issues with sleeping definitely try these products. They even sell gift sets which are packed with products! So you know someone who this could help it would be a perfect gift for them.

You can find Feather & Down products at:

Boots.com Feather and down

Feather And Down Sleep

Take Care,

Love Lottie xox