Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Poker Straight Hair

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Hope you are all having a good week. Half way there now till the weekend.
I went back to work this week after having a week off, it always feel like you have never had time off once you go back. 

I don't know whether I have previously discussed on my blog about my hair?
I have naturally curly & wavy hair, from a baby I had naturally curly hair as in ringlets kind of curly. I thought as I got older it may grow out of my hair a bit but it hasn't. The longer my hair has grown the more curly/wavy it has got. Especially the underneath of my hair it still to this day ends up with ringlets. It can be pretty annoying but I think I have grown use to it by now. So as you can imagine trying to find hair straighteners that actually keep my hair straight & don't dry & frazzle the ends can be hard. 

I have pretty much always sworn by GHD's to the point I would not buy any other hair straighteners than them. But I have recently decided to try & find a different brand of straighteners for a fraction of the price because you can buy other beauty & hair products for half the price of brand names so why shouldn't you be able to find a cheaper priced hair straighteners?

So I come across a brand called Xtava, who are an American brand. They strive to make every day a perfect hair day. They have a hair tool to suit everyone! Whether you want to achieve poker straight hair, curly locks or create that perfect blow dry look. They provide salon grade quality products which you can use in your own home.

I come across the Xtava pro satin infrared straightener. Which I found to have great reviews on their website of them. Where people had said "it works great on thick curly hair, it's one of the best straighteners they have used". Over 100 great reviews! So they definitely sounded good. 

The Xtava help to lock in moisture, protect your hair cuticles & adds silkiness & shine to your hair that lasts all day. Regular heat damages the surface of your hair which can cause frizz but with these infrared rays it works by penetrating the innermost layer of the strands. Which heats them from the inside to the outside.  This means it causes less stress to your hair to make it look healthier & shinier. Leaving it stress free. 

They also have a variable heat temperature so you can adjust the heat setting to whatever you want. You can change between 130 degrees to 230 degrees. The great quality ceramic heater enables the flat iron to reach maximum temperature within 90 seconds & allows for quick heat up recovery. Most importantly they have an auto shut off function so it turns off when they have been left unattended.

From just the first use I was so so impressed with the shine & the straightness that they give! I didn't really know what to expect but after seeing its results I was very impressed with my choice & the results they gave me. Especially when my hair is so curly. It left my hair feeling smooth, silky & straight.

For the price they are a bargain & half the price of GHD's!

You can find them on Amazon or Xtrava at:

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Love Lottie xox

Thursday, 21 September 2017

PMD Kiss Lip Plumper

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well & having a fab week!

I have previously tried the PMD microdermabrasion & pretty much liked it & the results it gave my skin. If you haven't heard of PMD before they offer smart beauty tools & skin products for people of the likes of you & me to use in our own home. To help give people confidence back of their own skin. They use smart technology that makes their tools both powerful & convenient.

PMD beauty have recently brought out the next generation of lip plumping. If like me you like a more natural way to plump your lips as a posed to lip fillers then like me you need to try this new gadget from PMD beauty.

The PMD kiss lip plumping system is a smart anti-aging lip plumping treatment. It used a pulsating vacuum technology which plumps your lips safely. It helps you to create dramatic results by increasing the look of your lips volume, boosting collagen production & reduces lip wrinkles. So it gives your lips a more fuller & youthful look in a matter of minutes.

Kiss & the smart lip plumping serum work together to give a more plumped look in minutes which create visible results for hours. 

The kiss tool has two smart settings:
1). Standard Speed - For a quick plump
2). Low Speed - For a more intense targeted plump

It is so simple & easy to use too.

*Apply the Kiss smart lip plumping serum onto clean, dry lips

*Turn on the Kiss tool by pushing the III button.

*Place the plumping tip firmly & directly on to the lips ensuring it 
creates a tight seal for suction.

*Use the tool in 4 sections on the lips - One at the top left part of the lips, top right, bottom left & then bottom right.

*Allow it to pulse 10 times on each suction on the lips.

It is literally that simple!

I have also wanted lip fillers but always been a bit scared about getting them. So if you are the same as me this cute little tool is for you! I have been using the little gadget a few times now & after I have done it I can definitely notice some kind of change to them. My bottom lip is quite full so my top lip normally does always need a bit more work than my bottom. So I do try to concentrate on my upper lip more. But I am definitely excited to use this a few more times & see what results it gives after using it more.

The device is also chargeable so it does come with a USB charging cable so you don't have to worry about always buying batteries for it. Which is so handy! You also get the Smart lip plumping serum & 2 changeable plumping tips a small & a large.

You can find out more about the Kiss lip plumper at:

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Love Lottie xox

Monday, 18 September 2017

Skin Truth Skin Care

Hello Everyone,

I hope you have all had a good week & weekend. 
Time seems to be going so quickly! But good news is I am off work for the week yay.

Recently I've started using a new brand of skincare goodies "Skin Truth". I had previously heard of them through being a beautician as I have used some of their products while training & things. But I had never tried the skin care products on myself. I had looked at them when going to Pro Beauty at the Excel but never actually brought the skin care range.

So I thought I would bite the bullet & try some out for myself. As it's always good finding new products which work well on your skin.

Skin Truth is a professional beauty range which includes advanced ingredients while giving a enhanced salon experience. All their products are also Paraben, Sulphate & Mineral oil free. They literally also have a range to suit everyone for everything from skin care, to manicure products to aromatherapy goods. You can purchase them from Salons who stock them, from beauty shows, to beauty trade shops or even online to try them for yourself. But I am literally so impressed with the range of products they have to offer.

My skin type is pretty much combination. Simply because I can have oily areas to my face & in places it can become dry also.
So from the skincare range the best is the "Equalising". This range helps to balance your moisture levels while using natural ingredients. It helps to even your skin tone & equalise your oils in your skin to give you a healthy complexion. Which we all love. 
They contain Orange Blossom which helps to heal delicate skin, Ginger extract to help balance the skin's oil production. 

So from the Equalising range I got 3 products to try:

Toner - This helps to clarify & refresh your skin. It is perfect for using daily on your face to help remove any oil, traces of make up.It is a soft & light product which should really be included in your daily skin care routine. Especially when it is so easy to use. You just apply it to a damp cotton wool pad & apply it to your face & neck making sure you avoid the eye & lip area. 

Mud Mask - I absolutely love a face mask. There is nothing better than sitting with a face mask on your face & washing it off & your skin feeling super smooth, soft & glowing after it. I think they are such an important product for a skincare routine. This mask is enriched with dead sea mud which helps to purify your complexion by removing any impurities & excess oil. You apply it to clean skin & coat your face & neck with the mask. Then leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water & dry your face.

Velvet Soft Facial Serum - I will admit I don't always use a serum or a facial oil on my face everyday. It's just not something I have used daily of my face until recently because I do have oily areas to my face I have to be careful what kind of serum or facial oil I use as they can make my skin more oily. This serum helps to restore natural radiance to your skin. This serum is suitable for all skin types, it is enriched with Acerola & rose extracts which help to replenish & moisturise the skin. 

The quality of these products are amazing & they are literally value for money. You do get salon quality for such a good price. I cannot wait to try more of their products! One of my favourite products from my skincare range is a hot cloth cleanser. It literally is my go to product. I currently use No 7 & swear by it but I might have to try the Skin Truth one & see what it is like.

You can find more out about Skin truth & their products at:

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Love Lottie xox

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Mad Beauty Haul

Hello Everyone!

I hope you having the best week going.

This week has been a funny old week for me, I don't know why but it's just been one of those odd kind of ones. 

You may have seen in one of my old previous posts I was introduced to Mad Beauty.

When I come across a company called Mad Beauty I fell in love with their products! Simply because they are SO unique & cute!

Mad beauty puts the fun in cosmetics & beauty. They are a UK design led, award winning leading manufacturer of beauty products who love to make cosmetics fun. They have such a range of products which I think would suit everyone! Whether it's someone who is Disney obsessed, Vintage style obsessed, or simply loves unique beauty products! Then Mad Beauty is definitely for you.

They have just brought out their Autumn & Winter products which include Beauty & the Beast & also Bambi. So if like me you love Disney the range is so for you.

The packaging for all their products is just beautiful. The Disney ranges come in products ranging from bath salts, to hand creams, to wash bags & other products. All with the super cute Disney vibe.

The items I picked up this time from Mad Beauty is:

Never Grow Up - Disney Hand Cream Duo

Hand creams are always a great thing to carry around in your handbag with you especially in the winter when you get dry hands from the cold. What better way to help this to have small hand creams to carry around not to mention cute disney ones. 

These come in a trio of Strawberry, Ginger Pear or Cheeky Cherry 
scent with Disney quotes on every one.

"Even miracles take a little time"
"I'm late for a very important date"
"Practically perfect in every way"

Pocket Tissues - Disney Sneezy (Snow White & The Seven dwarfs)

Another suitable product to have to carry around with you during winter is tissues. It is probably one of the most common times to pick up colds. So making sure you have tissues with you is a must & what better way than to have character tissues from Disney. Who said having a cold has to be dull.

Biscuit Collection - Compact Mirrors, Lip Balms & Mini Nail files

Who doesn't love biscuits?! What a quirky thing to carry around with you than a biscuit theme handbag essentials. The compact mirrors come in bourbon or party ring theme. Great for ensuring you look your best at all times! Then the lip balms which come in the quirky biscuit shape containers. You have the bourbon one & the custard cream which I have to say is my favourite as it even smells sweet like custard creams too. Which are one of my ultimate favourites! Also the mini nail files which again come in the party ring & bourbon design. It is also handy to have nail files in your bag for when you break a nail on the go & you need to correct it. 

I just absoultey love the quirky & fun designs that Mad Beauty has to offer they are literally not like anyone else!

You can find their products at:

Take care 
Love Lottie xox

Sunday, 3 September 2017

The Perfect Brow

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are well & had a good week?
The nights are definitely drawing in now & autumn is on its way. You can tell the weather is cooling down, nights getting darker earlier. I don't know whether I'm glad or not.

To me having great looking eye brows are important. I think they finish off any make up look & they look great even with the natural kind of make up look. Because lets face it there is nothing worse than a untidy, bushy, harsh brow. Some people's you can tell as they don't look natural & they look drawn on with harsh lines & for me that is not a great look.

I love finding a good pomade or brow powder but recently I have come across something different I have not tried before from Eye Of Horus Cosmetics which is an Australian brand. They provide an eye make up range which is based on the formula of the ancient Egyptians which include organic moringa oil "oil of the pharaoh's" & ancient castor oil. They believe eye make up offered a magical power & protection to the wearer. Over a short period of time Eye of Horus has already become a cult favourite of celebrities & professional make up artists. It can also be found in countries such as New Zealand, Ireland, Iceland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, UK & Europe! They have also had some of their products voted the best product at the International spa & beauty awards in 2014, 2015 & 2016! Their products are NOT tested on animals, made of natural ingredients, paraben free & vegan friendly. 

The product I have picked up from their range is the Brow fibre extend. For people who have sparse eyebrows this item is perfect! Because the fibres literally fill in the area you do not have much hairs or if you are just looking for a product to give you a fuller brow look then this is literally perfect for you! 

It gives you an instant definition & volume to your brows in just one application you can notice the difference. It contains organic brow enhancing botanicals such as seaweeds & Moringa oil which help to assist hair growth.It thickens & lengthens your brows but still keeps them natural looking. So you don't have to worry about that harsh line look. 

The brow fibre extend contains mineral pigments to give your brows a subtle colour so it comes in 3 shades: light (husk - for blondes), medium (dynasty - for blondes wanting darker brows or light brunettes) & dark (nile - for dark brown/black hair). It sets your brows it is also long lasting so you don't have to keep reapplying it. Which is also a bonus lets face it.

It is so so simple to use & to apply. When I first saw it I was not convinced that it would work well & it would be a nightmare to apply but it is actually so simple. It comes with a small brush applicator which means its good to apply in the smaller areas & if you have a thinner shape eye brow it won't get everywhere on your skin. 

You can find out more about the brow fibre extend or any of their other products at:

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Love Lottie xox

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The Fab 4 Know Cosmetics

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are having a fab week so far.
Half way through the week now & to top it off this week is a bank holiday weekend. That is a mega yay! 

I have recently started using a handful of new products from Know cosmetics. Know Cosmetics has just arrived to the U.K! They boast a variety of items which are said to give you a quick fix of glamour. They started in Canada where it took the beauty market by storm, but now they have took it up a notch & brought out some secret weapons to complete the perfect make up look. 

Some of the lines are selling so popular that they are selling on average, one in every 2minutes in North America. The four piece range from Know Cosmetics can be now found at Lloyds Pharmacy in store or online or even Superdrug

The main range is made up of 4 main products:

No Bleeding Lips - Secret Lip Liner

The best thing about this liner is it can be worn with any shade or lipstick or lip gloss whether it be bright or nude shades. The idea of this liner is to stop lipsticks bleeding or feathering. So wave goodbye to the times you struggle to find a liner suitable for your lip colour. This lip liner is clear & easy to use. It is a wax based formula that is waterproof, smudge proof, & lasts up to 5 hour plus. Basically the liner works as a barrier to minimise the appearance of bleeding lines. It could not be easier to use! You simply twist the pen slightly & outline your outer edges of your lips before applying your lip colour.

No Dark Shadows - Complexion Enhancer

This is a concealer which helps to hide any imperfections to the skin & also illuminate areas of your face. It helps to wake up the eye area & highlight your t-zone. No dark shadows is a silky, light, blendable product. It also is light diffusing which softens the look of dark circles & highlights your features to give you the perfect contoured make up look. A long lasting & buildable product which can 
be worn on its own or along with foundation. Offering a medium coverage, it's waterproof, lasts 6+ hours. Also it's available in two shades: Wow which is for rose undertones & Pizazz for yellow undertones.

No Thin Lips - Secret Lip Plumper

I am such a sucker for a lip plumper! I am always on the hunt to find a decent one as I am too worried to have lip fillers. So to me this is the next best thing. This one is a colourless gloss like lip plumper which helps to plump & volumise lips with every application. It definitely leaves your lip feeling fuller & good! Formulated with Aloe extract & Vitamin E it leaves your lips feeling moisturised & hydrated. The plumper stimulates blood flow to the lips while peptides increase hyaluronic acid production leaving you with fuller lips. It is perfect to be worn on its own for a more natural look or with your favourite lip colour.

No Bare Brows - Universal 4 in 1 Brow Fix

Having good brows is so important. It gives you that perfect finished make up look. This universal 4 in 1 transforms your browns in seconds. It comes with a universal brow colour at one end & invisible wax to tame your brows at the other end. Plus it also comes with a sharpener & brush. For a light application for blonde or taupe tones or build the colour for a more darker or bolder brow. Just use the product to customise your own desired look. The invisible wax maintains any unruly hairs & helps keep the brows into shape. It is waterproof & long lasting. The fact you pencil is perfect for any hair colour means you don't have to carry around several products you can just carry around this one product! So you save on room in your make up bag! Perfect!

I cannot wait to see what other products they release! Because all of these products are so handy & have such fab uses. 

I have added the links in above where I advised where the items can be purchased from.

Take Care 

Love Lottie 

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Palmers New Coconut Oil Range

Hello Everyone & Happy Sunday!

I hope you have all had a good week & also weekend.
I took my mum to the Marlowe theatre yesterday in Canterbury to see The Railway Children & it truly was fab! I haven't been to see a show for ages & I always love going! So yesterday included a spot of shopping, lunch & theatre. It was lovely.

If you are like me and you are always on the hunt for something new to try when it comes to beauty products. As you may have guessed now from my previous posts I am forever trying to find new products & trying them. Simply because I love trying new products to see if they’re any good.

You may well have heard of the brand Palmers? Palmers are famously known for their cocoa butter range. They cover a range of beauty products from hand & body, stretch marks & scars, baby, hair care, face care & even sun care products! Which I think everyone must of heard of if not used.

Palmers have recently brought out a new range of products this time containing coconut oil. Coconut oil is packed with naturally occurring things that help aid healthy skin & hair. Such as Vitamin E, proteins & many other ingredients. It also contains a high level of of medium chain fatty acids which create a breathable protective barrier that locks in moisture to stop your skin from dehydrating & also encourage hair growth. Palmers Coconut oil products also include Tahitian Monoi Oil which hydrates & pampers. Plus also sweet almond oil which soothes & comforts skin. I literally love the smell of it! It makes me think of holiday. 

So out of this new range I have got:

Coconut Oil Body Lotion - I am forever applying body lotion after I have got out the bath or shower. So applying this makes you smell so good! Not only that but if you have dry patches of skin it is great for adding moisture back into your skin. It leaves your skin feeling soft.

Coconut Oil Lip Balm - In the winter I am forever going to my bag to find a lip balm. In the winter it seems to make my lips chap & dry out a lot so I'm always trying to keep applying something to keep them hydrated. I have never tried a coconut oil style one though so this could be the key to rehydrating. Not only that but it does also contain SPF15 so it is also perfect for the summer months.

Coconut Oil Body Cream - Just like the body lotion this is another great product to apply after coming out of the bath or shower. I always find body creams to be a lot thicker than just your normal body lotion. So if you are looking for something thicker then this is definitely for you. 

If you are looking for some products packed with goodness, hydrating, all natural & has its benefits then definitely try Palmers new range!

You can find them at:






Take Care,

Love Lottie xo