Wednesday, 16 August 2017

August's Love Me Beauty Subscription

Hello Everyone!
I hope you are all well & having a fab week.

So my August's love me beauty subscription has arrived to me! It did arrive a few days ago now but I have not yet had a chance to show you the goodies that it included as I have been busy. But I'm finally getting to show you!

I have previously mentioned in a few of my posts about how Love me beauty works.But just to recap for you:

Love me beauty is a subscription of a different level for both beauty & make up products. It takes 3 easy steps too:

Step 1) You create a profile for yourself. Tell them of your beauty interests & they create the best recommendations for you!

Step 2) Browse through the months different products to choose from. You get to customise your order which is done monthly.

Step 3) All the products are then handpicked & delivered to your front door for you to try & review!

There are 3 different memberships to choose from.

Rolling monthly membership: £10(per month) + £3.95 p&p(per month)

*3 Month Membership: £9(per month) + £3.95 p&p (per month)
*6 Month Membership: £8(per month) + £3.95 p&p (per month)

Also if you use the discount code of:

Which will give you 20% off your first months subscription.

So this month was literally any make up lovers heaven! This month was packed with Kat Van D & Buxom Cosmetics! Literally amazing!

It come complete with:

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick - Shade: Cathedral
What stood out to me on this lipstick was the packaging! It is beautiful! It is a black plastic casing but has like a studded effect which obviously fits its name. The studded kiss lipsticks come in 39 shades so there literally is a shade for everyone. Each one is pigmented & keeps your lips feeling soft, leaves them with a long lasting colour & is also packed with vitamins. 

Kat Von D Setting Powder - Shade:Translucent 
I am a fan of setting powder, at the moment I use banana powder when setting make up or a setting spray. This setting powder from Kat Von D is a silky non drying powder which contains micro blurring technology which softly minimises pores to give you that perfect flawless finish. It suits any skin tones which is the great thing.

Kat Von D Sinner Perfume
Sinner is the sweet fragrance, it has a bouquet of Jasmine & orange blossom with notes of vanilla, mandarin & plum. I didn't know what to expect as the bottle makes it look quite dark but the scent is just gorgeous.It's a sweet scent & is long lasting.

Buxom Full On Lip Polish - Shade: Dolly
Dolly is the most popular shade from Buxom. It makes your lips tingle, shimmer & shine. The colour is pretty pigmented but helps to make your lips look fuller & plumper. It is also packed with vitamin A & E. It is such a gorgeous nude shade perfect for everyday wear.

Buxom Lash Mascara - Shade: Blackest Black
I am such a sucker for a great mascara. So I was very pleased to see a new mascara in with this month's subscription. This mascara is said to transfer your lashes immediately as it dramatically add volume to your lashes. It is also packed with vitamins, it's clump resistant, it darkens, lengthens, curls & separates your lashes. It is also an hourglass shape wand to help coat your lashes from root to tip.

As you can see this months selection is incredible! So many great products to try not to mention what brands they are for. I cannot rate them enough.

Take out your subscription at:

Take Care 
Lottie xox

Monday, 14 August 2017

All Squeaky Clean

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well & had a fab week?
This week has been a funny old week I think. It's one of those weeks where I cannot work out whether it's gone quick or not. It's not been an awful week I guess.

For a while I kept hearing of people talking about a pore suction cleanser & I really didn't know what to make of it even though I had heard really good results about them. I just thought surely it couldn't clear your pores out that much. But I decided to bite the bullet & get one to try it out for myself. Because I have been wanting to try one & let's face it we could all do with clearing ours pores out not only does it get built up with foundation, make up & oil & dirt. So it needs a little bit of TLC sometimes because no matter how many face creams & products you use it doesn't clear your pores out completely.

So to try I got the Sensse deep pore suction cleanser from Amazon UK. 

Sensse believe that beauty is more than skin deep & our skin should show off our inner beauty not our age. Sensee have created smart beauty products which are great for daily use on your skin to help it be the best it can be! So depending on what results you want to achieve or what you are looking for they do a smart beauty gadget for you. They do the Deep pore suction cleanser that I purchased & also other tools like the Anti-Ageing Cleansing brush, Silicone facial cleansing brush, facial contour definer, hot & cool fair bar & many others! So there really is a product for everyone!

The deep pore suction cleanser instantly lifts any dirt & any blackheads out of the skin. It is a gentle yet powerful cleanser which removes dead skin cells & cleanses your pores. Not only that but it comes with a water tank so you can mist water on your face to deep cleanse & unclog any stubborn pores.

The cleanser is so simple to use too which makes it even better!
I would ensure the device has had up to 6 hours charge before you use it. Just insert the USB cable into a port & stand the base of the device on the charging unit. The unit then beeps the lights light up when charging. Then all 3 lights light up when fully charged 

Then you simply:

*Make sure your skin is make up free

*Pull out the rubber plug of the water tank & add water

*Make sure you firmly push the plug back in once water is in

*Attach the correct suction attachment that you wish:
 - Small Suction Head: For Sensitive skin & delicate areas
 - Big Suction Head: For stronger suction on larger areas
 - Black head attachment: To remove blackheads or white heads

*Hold the power button down & the device will turn on

*The mist nozzle will spray a fine mist of water to help remove the dirt making it more effective

*Hold down the power button to adjust the desired intensity level

*There 3 intensity levels:
 - Low: This is the speed it give you when the device first turns 
 - Medium
 - High

*After use rinse your face & the cleanser & any attachments

They recommend you to use this in with your skin routine 2-3 times a week to help keep it clear.

I have used this for about a week now & even on the first use I noticed the stuff it was pulling out of my skin & I use a lot of skin products everyday so it shows that they don't necessarily pull out the dirt in your pores. But this was so impressive! The dirt & things it pulls out of your pores shows up in the attachment & you will be surprised! Not only that but it left my skin feeling super smooth & it looks the cleanest it has ever looked. I literally cannot express enough how handy & how much of a great idea this is. I would recommend it to anyone who like me has thought about trying one of these, or wants to unclog their pores, or just wants to help to have clearer skin.

You can find the beauty tools from Sensse at:

Sensse Beauty

Amazon UK

Take care,

Love Lottie xox

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A Little Bit Of Lola - Face Talk

Hello Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! Hope you are all having a good week.

In one of my previous posts you may remember me talking about some new make up products that I had been trying from Lola Make Up. If you didn't see that post then you will find it on the 16th July I posted it & I showed the lipsticks & Mascara I tried from them. For those of you who don't know:

Lola Make up by purse was designed in Britain by a team of beauty experts & make up artists. Lola is a cruelty free brand who give you a quality make up product! Lola helps giving you tutorials via social media to create amazing make up looks by providing professional products & tools. 

You can try & purchase Lola make up from:

Marks & Spencers - It is available online & in 63 stores in theMarks & Spencers beauty halls across the UK including city centre stores like: 

*London, Oxford Street 

They literally do every kind of make up item you could want from eyeshadows, to lipsticks, to lip glosses, to nail varnishes & treatments, to false eye lashes. You name it Lola literally covers it!

So this month I have got two other new products to try from Lola Make up. Which are probably one of the most important products of make up of all: Foundation & Pressed Powder. Without these products you could not achieve the perfect flawless make up look. 

Finding a decent foundation is very hard I have to say, I am pretty fussy when it comes to finding the right one for me because I find some leave my skin a bit oily & shiny. I do not like that look. Not only that but some foundations I think are so thick & I do not like them simply because I worry what it does to your skin. It will clog your pores up completely over time so I try not to wear such thick textured foundations. But everyone is different. Some people like 
these because they have scars from acne or something so for them it covers them up. So everyone is after something different when it comes to foundations.

I got the Matte long lasting foundation in shade: R040 
I choose this one because I did want something that gives a medium - high coverage to help conceal blemishes & imperfections whilst still giving a natural glow to your skin. Also something that minimising the look of pores because some foundations can make pores look obvious. The great thing about this foundation is that it has oil absorbing properties which minimise the shine it gives to your skin. 

When I first tried this foundation I did find it was definitely thicker than what I am used to using. But I knew that when I chose it because it does state it is a medium/high coverage. To me it is more of a high coverage than a medium. But I was happy with the finish it gave to my skin. It didn't look caked on which I was worried it might do. It did also tend to last on my skin too but I don't think I would use this for my day to day foundation simply because for me it's too of a high consistency.

The other product I got was the: Matte Silky Finish Pressed Powder in shade: B012.
I am not normally one for pressed powder but I do like to have a decent one just in case I want to create that more matte finish make up look. It is always a handy make up product to have in your make up bag. Again I chose a matte finish product because I do not like a shiny look to your make up & prefer the matte finish. This powder is perfect for any skin type, it gives a flawless finish to your skin & is also oil free so it does not become oily on your skin. The powder is made up of micro-fine powders which let your skin breathe while oil absorbing. It is a weightless, smooth, breathable texture which helps to balance your skins tone & help to reduce the appearance of pores. It also contains SPF10 to protect against photo ageing. 

The powder also comes in a compact which is handy to just pop in your bag & carry around. Which is great because it's not a huge compact it's the perfect size to carry around with you & top up when you need to. I don't normally use powders so unlike foundations I can't really compare this powder to another. But from when I have used it the powder is definitely weightless & not heavy on your skin & glides on perfectly over the top of foundation. 

So if you are looking for a new foundation, powder, or even a new make up brand to try them check out Lola. 

You can also use the discount code: lottielola10 to get 10% off!

You can find Lola Make up at:

Take Care,
Love Lottie xox

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Heavenly Jewellery From Annie Haak

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well & having a lovely week?
Mine hasn't been too bad this week I have to say. I think I am nearly fully recovered from my operation now so I am feeling more like myself & less tired. Which is great news :) 
I took my nephew into town yesterday to give my sister some time to herself & he was as good as gold. I definitely enjoy spending time with him. He's always so content. 

Like any other girl I absolutely love jewellery! It's one of those things you can never have enough of simply because every piece is different & unique. I don't like to wear loads of it & there is only certain pieces I wear. For example I'm not one for hoop earrings or dangling earrings I only wear studs, rings I don't wear so if I ever get engaged & married one day having a ring on my hand everyday will be a weird feeling! Then necklaces I only like something of a simple design nothing chunky. But one thing I do always have on is a watch & bracelets. I am such a sucker for a set of lovely bracelets & recently I have come across a brand that I have fallen in love with their jewellery!

Annie Haak which are a jewellery brand I think like no other. All of their pieces are sterling silver, gold or rose gold. Which means the best stuff to have your jewellery made out of. No item turning your finger or wrist green from the makes not real gold can give you. Who wants that look right? So I always think spending more on them is worth the money. Not only that but the designs of the pieces of jewellery are not like anything I've seen. They really are beautiful! Annie takes her inspiration for her jewellery from Bali, so she has factored in the local floral details, people, colours & patterns found in the local markets & villages. Most of the designs carry a special meaning through the mantra's or symbols such as luck, love, protection, strength & wellbeing. Not only that but you can have certain pieces personalised to a special recipient or even for yourself whether it be initials or symbols, charms or an engraved message. 

There literally is something to suit everyone. The stacking bracelets do come in sterling silver, gold bracelets, rose gold, or a mixture. They even do wedding jewellery which is gorgeous & a perfect gift for bridesmaids or for the bride to wear on her day. 

I spotted a beautiful set of stacking bracelets called Santi Tassel Silver Charm Bracelet which had a motto written on a heart charm on one of the bracelets. There is several mottos you can engraved on them I chose the words:

"Ride the waves of life with courage and love"

I absolutely love this quote. It reminds me a bit of the quote from the newest Cinderella "Have Courage & be kind" I have always loved quotes & these are just so fitting & something to think of everyday. What better way than having a bracelet to wear with it on. The bracelets also have heart charm to one of them, a tassel on another & half moon spacers with hearts engraved on them. So in total you get 3 bracelets which make up the most beautiful stack. All unique & equally gorgeous.

One other issue I do have with like bracelets is the size of them. I will admit I have the tiniest wrists going & they literally are like children's wrists. So I do struggle with finding jewellery that fits me. But with Annie Haak they come in different sizes so I can pick the right size for my wrists so they do just fall off which is perfect!

All of the pieces come in a box, with draw string bags so they are well protected from getting damaged or scratched. They also come with a polishing cloth to keep your items in perfect shiny condition. Because Annie Haak is hand crafted with the highest quality 925 sterling silver, 14ct gold & rose gold plate. Also all of their jewellery comes with a 12month warranty from the date of purchase. Any fault will be repaired free of charge under the 12 month warranty. 

I literally have not come across a brand like this, not only that but the service I received with spot on & that always makes me want to go back to company to buy from them again as it was such a breeze. 

So if you have a friends, or relatives birthday coming up or even if you want a treat for yourself definitely check them out! They will not receive another gift like it.

Find all their ranges at:

Annie Haak Designs

Or you can find your local Annie Haak stockist at:

Annie Haak Design Stockists

Take Care 
Love Lottie xox

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Total Lip Envy

Hello Everyone,

I hope your week is going well & it isn't going too badly for you.
I have gone back to work this week after my operation & I have to say I am shattered. It really has taken it out of me that's for sure. But I shall get there.

With the warm weather & in general I do seem to suffer with dry or chapped lips. In the winter they do tend to become a lot drier however recently I have started using a different high street brand Carmex.Who have recently brought out a summertime lip balm - lime twist.

Carmex have been providing relief to dry lips since 1937 & can be found in so many shops on the high street. They have provided us with so many different types of lip balms over the years, but this one I have to say simply because it gives a summer vibe. So this is perfect to carry around in perhaps your beach bag on the go or even your handbag whether it be for summer days or winter. There is always a use for a lip balm in your bag I have found because you can always reapply then. Carmex helps to keep your lips hydrated & keep them fully protected to leave you with smooth lips. The latest edition to Carmex - Lime Twist also comes with SPF15 So it definitely means it is great to apply after swimming, being exposed to sunlight or wind etc. Carmex definitely has to be one of the best lip balms I have used because of the moisture it brings to your lips & also the fact it is amazing value for money! 

Plus they can be found in so many different high street places which makes them easy to buy! You can find them at:

Feel Unique

Beauty Base


Also previously in one of my posts I mentioned about a make up brand Pur when I tried one of their compact eyeshadow palettes. Well they

have recently brought out Velvet matte liquid lipsticks & On point lip liners which come in the most gorgeous shades!

The velvet matte lipsticks come in a mousse like texture which give you a long lasting flawless matte finish. Without that drying look to your lips. It also helps to improve the appearance of yours lips like smoothing out fine lines. The lipsticks come in 10 highly pigmented shades. So there us a colour for everyone!
Not only that but they contain Agave extract which helps to moisturise & plump your lips. They products are all paraben free, gluten free & vegan friendly.

Where as the on point lip liners are the perfect way to prime & line your lips. They glide on easily & help to lock the lip colour into place & to prevent the lipstick from bleeding. The long wear formula also contains a plumping peptide which improves the appearance to give you a fuller smoother look. The lip liners come in 6 shades. 

They are such great quality products & a great price too.

You can find Pur cosmetics at:

Marks & Spencers

Feel Unique

Beauty Bay

Look Fantastic 

Left: passion, Right: Ever after

Lip liner: TuTu

Take Care 

Love Lottie xox

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Sweet Dreams

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.
I've had another one of chilling & trying to get myself back to normal. Plus the fact I go back to work tomorrow too :(
That's definitely going to be a shock to the system. 

At times I will admit I can be a nightmare when it comes to sleeping as I can wake up a few times in the night for no reason. So then when it is time to wake up I feel like I've had a lack of sleep. Either that or if I have things on my mind I tend not to be able to shut off & things so I don't tend to sleep well. I went through that a lot when I went through severe depression. My sleeping pattern was awful back then. I have my moments still at sleeping but nothing as bad. But when I do have sleeping issues I like to try to find something natural to help me to sleep. I have tried several things like herbal sleeping tablets but none of them have ever really worked for me. We all need a good nights sleep in order to be able to focus & get through the next day.So it really is important. Sleep matters.

So recently I have tried something a little bit different, a brand called Feather & Down

Feather & Down sell a range of products such as bath, body & home fragrances which were created to help us to sleep. Their products are blended with lavender & chamomile as these have calming ingredients to help relax the mind & help the body to unwind. All to help give a restful night sleep. Not only that but they are made in England. Which as you know I love supporting British brands! 

So I have four products from their range to try for those phases where I am finding it difficult to sleep. I have:

Melting Shower Cream 
This helps to cleanse your skin & melts into a calming oil when you gently massage it into your skin leaving it soft, nourished & the scent of the oil helps to aid you to sleep. You simply just use it as you would a normal shower cream. Having a shower or bath before bed time helps to prepare your body for sleep. The feeling of the water on your skin helps to relax your body & eases tension. So this 
shower cream is perfect for help boost that more.

Soothing Body Oil
This soothes your skin, seals in moisture & helps calm you to prepare you for a restful nights sleep. You simply spray the oil onto your skin & smooth it in gently. Once it is fully absorbed then you get dressed again. Massaging your skin with body oils helps to reduce stress & anxiety by helping to decrease muscle tension which helps improve relaxation.

All Purpose Sleep Balm
This balm is a blend of vitamin E which helps to moisturise & relaxing essential oils which help to create a calm fragrance on your pulse points. Which helps to ease your mind & help you sleep easier. To use it massage the balm onto your pulse points before bed to relax you. Placing fragrances onto your pulse points for example wrists, temples & neck it makes it last longer due to the beat of your heart.

Pillow Spray
This one has to be my favourite because it is so simply & effect to use. This spray is packed with an infusion of lavender & chamomile to helps encourage calm, & relaxation. You simply spray a generous amount of spray onto your pillows to help you relax. 

All of these products & their others are packed with lavender because Lavender is meant to help increase the type of brain waves associated with relaxation

Also all the products are beautifully packaged. I just love the packaging. The products are also amazing quality & smell gorgeous. For me Lavender has always been a calming scent for me & helped aid sleep. 

Feather & Down also do home fragrances like candles & reed diffusers which are perfect for lighting in the bedroom or bathroom while you have a bath. To help release the gorgeous scent.

I have to say all in all the products are a great way to naturally help you to sleep better which I think is the best way. 

So if like me you have issues with sleeping definitely try these products. They even sell gift sets which are packed with products! So you know someone who this could help it would be a perfect gift for them.

You can find Feather & Down products at:

Boots - Feather And Down

Feather And Down Sleep

Take Care
Love Lottie

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Bio Extracts Eye Contour Collection

Hey Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all well & having a good week?
I am slowly but surely starting to feel myself again! Yayyy! I knew it would take some time but I feel like I have done better this time at recovery rather than when I have had an operation before.So my body must be getting used to it. But it really best not!

As I spoke about in my previous blog post after my recent operation & recovery my skin has seemed to have suffered abit. So I have been trying to do what I can to give it a bit of a boost & make it appear & feel better. I am getting there with it but one thing I do seem to be suffering with is my under eye area. Where I have have had no energy & feeling tired it has made me look pretty sluggish & grey under my eyes. So I have been trying to find something to give it a pick me up & my gosh I think I have found it!

NB Labs Bio-Extracts

For those of you who haven't heard of Bio-Extracts they are a brand who uses the latest biotechnology to use powerful plant extracts that help benefit your skin & give it great results. Not only that but they are vegan products that were designed & made in the UK. I think it is so important to support British brands.

The great thing is Bio-Extract are releasing a new range exclusively to QVC this Friday at 9pm! So they are giving viewers the chance to try the eye contour collection while giving us a saving! 

In the 3 piece eye contour collection on QVC you will get:

*Age Defying Cream

*Two new targeted eye contour boosters

*White cosmetic bag

For just £39 (Which gives you a saving of £24!)

Age Defying Face Cream

This is formulated with a unique multi lamellar system which has structural similarities to your own skins layers. So the cream mimics the layers acting like a hydrating patch on the skin so it leaves it feeling refreshed & hydrated! So it is perfect for very dry, dry or mature skin.

Eye Contour Brightening Boost

This booster is perfect for the skin around our eyes when you are looking abit tired, rundown & need a boost of radiance. It helps 
your under eye area appear more radiant,revitalised & helps to banish away dark circles. So if you are a busy bee & always on the go this is perfect for you.

Eye Contour Lift & Firm Boost

Because the skin under our eyes is the thinnest on our entire bodies it can need that little bit extra of TLC. This booster helps to give the skin a firmer plump look  & help keep those wrinkles at bay! So if you want to keep wrinkles away & need abit of a firming up under your eyes this booster is for you.

The boosters are so simple to use & I have to say the Eye Contour Brightening Boost is my go to at the minute to make my eyes look brighter!

To use the products all you do is:

*Look at how your eye contour area is today?

*Then providing on what results you wish to achieve choose your booster

*Dispense one pump of age defying eye cream onto your hand

*Then use up to 4 shots of the booster 

*Mix the products together

*Then apply to your under eye area!

It literally is that simple!

I would say the Eye Contour Brightening Boost is best used first thing in the morning to give you that wide awake look all day & the Eye Contour Lift & Firm Boost is best used in the evening to firm the area while you sleep.

They are such a great idea & really are not like anything I have used before. I have tried several different under eye serums & creams but have always felt like they haven't really worked well for me. But this is great!

You can also head over to the Bio-Extracts page & select your skin concerns & it will take you to the protects best for you. So finding products that work best for you could not be easier!

Head over to:

Or check them out on QVC this friday at 9pm to hear more about them!

QVC Beauty - Bio Extracts

Take Care