Tuesday, 13 March 2018

New Favourite Skin Care Buys

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well & having a fun filled week.
March seems to be a busy month for me which is odd for me usually I never really have a full busy month of plans. But for once it is good too especially when I am trying to keep busy to keep my mind occupied & give myself a distraction.

You all must know by now I love my skin care products & trying new ones out & add to my shelf. I have recently been trying out a new brand Vitage. Vitage was introduced into the UK back in 1998 by the founding member & fellow of the British college of Aesthetic medicine. This become one of the first gentle antioxidant ranges produced in the market. They now have extended & developed their range of products giving us professional products at affordable prices. 

*Contains Antioxidants
*Has natural uplifting aroma's
*Suitable for all skin type's
*Affordable range
*Active Botanical ingredients

They do a range of more everyday essential range, an age defence range, Sun protection, Vitamin C, & repair line of products. So there is something from everyone.

So I got a couple of products to try:

Essential Cleansing Balm
This is a lightweight cleansing balm with helps to cleanse, clear away any make up or dirt and leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean & hydrated. The cleanser contains Marula Oil which is a concentrated source of vitamin C & E & is rich in Omega 9 which helps to balance, brighten & nourish your skin. It's also packed with grapeseedbitter orange & almond oil to help give you a gentle & nourishing daily cleanser. Which I think is perfect. A good cleanser is literally my go to skin care product & an important one I believe. It also comes with a cleansing cloth.

To use it you simply:
*Massage a small amount onto your face & neck until it turns to like a liquid consistency.

*Remove the cleanser with the cleansing cloth.

Vitamin C Tightening Serum
This is a concentrated form of Vitamin C & Hyaluronic acid which helps to firm, hydrate & improve your skin. It helps to give you a defence against the signs of ageing & environmental damage. It also helps to restore the look of uneven skin tones & sun damage & leaves your skin looking glowing & feeling tighter. 

To use it you simply:
*Apply the serum all over your face & neck

*Or you can just apply to your problem areas.

My other favourite is go to at the moment is the new sheet masks from Masque Bar. I have spoken about them previously in one of my blog posts as I have tried the festive ones & other masks.

Masque Bar was developed in Korea, they created sheet masques which with serums & ingredients that make your skin soaked with goodness which the sheet is pre cut to contour your face. The sheet is designed with cut out holes to protect your eyes, lips, nostrils. These are a perfect for a quick facial in your own home & a quick skincare fix. They are super easy to use & can leave your skin feeling amazing. I have become such a huge fan of them!

They have now brought out silver & gold foil sheet masks. 

Silver - Helps to hydrate & soothe your skin giving you a glow.
Gold - Helps hydrate your skin while lavender in it calms & soothes it.

You can find more out about them at:

Take Care,
Love Lottie xox 

Monday, 5 March 2018

Love Me Beauty Ft Phase Zero

Hello Everyone,

What a week it is, this weather is getting beyond annoying now!
I don't think I have seen so much snow in so long. I've literally been walking to work rather risk my car. I always think even though you might drive okay it's the others on the roads which can cause you issues. It is really not worth the risk at all.

In the past I have spoken about my monthly subscription with Love Me Beauty. Recently they have created the best idea yet! Especially for any make up lover like myself. An online shop where you can get amazing quality make up products with up to 70% of its RRP price!.

Love me beauty has teamed up with Phase Zero to offer cruelty free, luxury formula based make up but at factory prices. They understand our struggle with how expensive make up can be especially when you are looking for quality products. The cost can be high simply because there is a chain, the manufacturer sells to the brand, the brand sells to the distributor, the distributor sells to the retailer & then finally the retailer sells to us. But the difference with Love Me Beauty is they are the manufacturer they can sell straight to us without all the middlemen & mark ups! So for example a lipgloss which normally costs £12 you can buy it from Love me beauty for just £3.50! How crazy is that?!

How do you get in?
It will be still a membership based service where you pay £5 a month. This then gives you access to to factory priced make up. But if you don't want to be tied in that's not a problem you can still get the products at retail price. But who wants to pay full price when you can get a better bargain right?

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the first launch which is lip products! Literally I have been spoilt for choice with the colour options that they offer. Not only that but they have different options from Liquid lipstick, a lip gloss or a lip topper. There is something for everyone.

Liquid Lipsticks

*Classic Red - A pillar box red which is always good to have
*Pink Suede - A gorgeous nudey pink shade
*Gingerbread - A deep brown with a hint of pink shade
*Chai Latte - A nude brown kind of shade

My favourite has to be Pink Suede simply because I'm all about light nude kind of colours.

Lip Gloss

*Postbox Red - A deep red glossy shade
*Dark Burgundy - A very deep brown
*Baby Pink - A very pale pink which is more like clear shade

My favourite of the glosses has to be the baby pink because the other shades are too intense for me.

Lip Topper 

*Prosecco Kiss - The most gorgeous bronze pigmented shade
*Holo-Lip - Like the name suggests a holographic shade a glittery shade.

My favourite has to to Prosecco kiss the bronze shade is simply gorgeous & perfect for a night out!

You should definitely invest in joining Love me beauty for the amazing discount on the incredible quality products that you can get your hands on.

To join visit:


Take Care 
Love Lottie xox

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Revita Lash

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well & you are having a good week.
The weather at the weekend was so lovely! Makes me definitely look forward to spring & the better weather to come! Thats not just me looking forward to that is it? 

Previously I have tried a like conditioner for my lashes to help my natural lashes be healthier, fuller & just to give them abit of extra TLC. Which I love to do because one thing I don't mind about myself is my lashes because thankfully I have been blessed with thick, long, dark lashes. Which I think every girl wishes for right?

So this time I have gone with trying Revita Lash Advanced. It contains Peptides and Botanicals which help protect against breakage, brittleness & improve it's moisture & shine for better healthier lashes. 

The conditioner contains:

*BioPetin - Which is a green tea extract which helps condition & strengthen your lashes to stop brittleness & breakage.

*Ginseng & Swertia Japonica - A plant extract high in antioxidants & vitamin B to help revitalise.

*Saw Palmetto - Which is high in fatty acids to help condition & shine.

*Wheat Protein - Which is high in amino acids, peptides & vitamin B to help smooth & condition.

Revita Lash was created by Dr Michael Brinkenhoff who's wife had intensive chemotherapy sessions to treat breast cancer & was left with thin & brittle eyelashes. He committed his research to creating a product that would restore her lashes. This was when Revita Lash was born! Which was one of the first cosmetic eyelash conditioners made available to the public. 

One of the great things is it so easy to use & apply!

You use it once a day before bed time I always time it. 

*Ensure your lashes are free from any make up

*Draw a thin line of Revita lash along the base of your upper lashes like you are applying eyeliner.

*Apply once a day & you will see results within 12 weeks

There are also other products available in the Revita Lash range such as:

*Revita Lash Hi Def Tinted Brow Gel
*Revita Lash Defining Eye Liner
*Revita Lash Volumizing Mascara
*Revita Lash Volumizing Eyelash Primer

You can find their products at:


Take Care,

Love Lottie xox

Monday, 19 February 2018

Chin Up

Hello Everyone, 

I hope you are all well & your week is going well.

I've come across Chin Up who offer a new beauty treatment which can improve the appearance of your double chin by over 2cm! It lifts & firms around your face area which gives you a more contoured look jawline. Chin Up aims to give us results without the use of cosmetic surgery. So no pain, high cost or risks!

For years they read, studied & researched that people were lacking confidence due to the excess fat under their chin & there were no products available that helped to combat it without surgery. 68% of people named excess fat under the chin & neck area as one of their top body concerns.

I've always been one to be worried about cosmetic surgery because if it was to go wrong then you literally are stuck with it & I could not think of anything worse than that. Especially when you also think of the costs of it.

So I got to try the Chin Up trial pack which is a great way of trying out the masks!

The pack contains:

*2 Masks
*Adjustable Face Band
*Tape Measure

The pack is a two part system which rather than waiting 6-8 weeks for results it gives you results rapidly. They combine the Korean Skincare technology along with powerful natural ingredients to give you visible results which can be seen within 30 minutes. 

The great thing is they are also super easy to use:

*Clean your face & ensure all make up is removed

*Measure your jawline from the edge of the jawline to the other

*Jot down the measurements

*Apply one mask under the chin area 

*Press firmly along the jawline area against the skin

*Secure the band around your face using the velcro strap

*Leave the mask on for 30-45 minutes

*Remove the band & mask

*Remeasure your measurements

Chin up do recommend that you repeat the masks 3-4 days consecutively to maintain your results. Then apply 2-3 times a week.

The masks are packed with:

*Skintronics - Which help fight the sign of ageing & loose skin
*CoQ10 - Help tp hydrate dry & tired skin
*Hyaluronic Acid - Helps to retain collagen & improve moisture
*Vitamin E - Helps improve the skins elasticity & texture

In 2017 Chin up even won the gold winner Beauty awards & other awards!

To find out more or to purchase your kit check out:


Take Care,

Love Lottie 

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Perfect Glasses

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well, how dull is the weather currently?
I feel like it hasn't stopped raining recently & being cold. I know it's winter & you should expect the cold weather but the rain is just annoying. I literally hate cold & wet weather. 

For those of you who don't know, or you may well know I do wear glasses. I don't have to wear them all the time but for computer work, reading & when watching the television for a long period of time I have to wear glasses. Which to begin with I hated, I hated the fact I had to wear them but now they do not bother me in the slightest but that is simply because I now make sure I buy pairs of glasses that I like the wear & feel suit me which is a huge thing when buying glasses.

Previously I have purchased glasses & sunglasses from an online website: Perfect Glasses which I have to say I do love. Simply because they have such a vast choice of both glasses, sunglasses both prescription & normal sunglasses to chose from. Whether it be designer glasses or even a cheaper cost frame there literally is something to suit everyone!

The designer frames are my favourite simply because I always love the style that they do & yes I am a bit of a label lover. Perfect glasses cover the more high end designers like Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Marc Jacobs & then brands such a Hugo Boss, Police, Lacoste, just to name a few. But even if it isn't a higher market brand you are looking for then there is other cheaper options to chose from but even the designer frames are half price & you can pick a pair of glasses up for such a good price! especially compared to your usual high street optician. 

People maybe less likely to buy glasses online simply because unlike in a shop you cannot try any on. But on perfect glasses you can take a picture of yourself & then try the frames you want to on your face. So you can see what they look like on. Because I always find a frame that I might like might not necessarily suit my face shape & things. So it is important to be able to try them on before you buy them. This way it means you can buy online & get better prices! So it is a win, win!

Currently at the minute I am happy with the glasses I have so I decided to look for some new sunglasses simply because I don't have any prescription sunglasses with my latest prescription on them. Especially when at this time of year the sun is low & when driving it can be a nightmare trying to see, plus with summer on it's way it's good to have sunglasses with your prescription lenses in them because you may need them when outside. 

I knew the kind of style I was looking for which did help but the website is easy to use as you can filter down what you looking for whether it be gender, brand, price, material, colour. So this makes life easier. Normally I do tend to go with a black frame & dark lenses but this time I fancied a change. I wanted to go for a more tortoise shell frame which I love. Because I find them stylish, chic & also suit my colouring of hair, etc. Then I wanted more of like a block frame rather than a rounded shape frame. So by knowing what I was looking for it did help narrow my search down. But not only that if you find a normal frame that you like this can be changed into a pair of prescription sunglasses for you too! Which I loved because the frame I loved was just a glasses frame. So it opens up the door to even more to chose from. 

In the end I picked:

Which is a bold & stylish frame in a tortoise shell colour.
The frame is a plastic frame but has soft nose pads to help with comfort. So these for me were the perfect choice for what I was looking for. Not only that but they were under £100. So such a bargain & value for money! Plus they come a case & micro fibre cloth to ensure you can keep them clean & not scratch the lenses.

The whole process of purchasing on the website is so easy to do which makes it great for everyone. You can sign up to get text or email updates on your order so you can track where they are & find out when they will be delivered to you to ensure someone is around to sign for the delivery. Plus they despatch within 48 hours or they do now offer a super fast 24 hour despatch in there 24 hour section on selected frames. so you don't have to wait long till you receive your new glasses or sunglasses & can start wearing them! Which I find is a super quick turnaround. 

cannot fault the service I received at all simply because it was such a quick, easy & hassle free way to buy glasses or sunglasses when you need them. I love being able to have a vast amount of choice too so to me this is important. 

So if you are a bit hesitant or concerned about buying glasses online then really don't be if you shop around you truly can find some great prices on them which will save you money! 

Definitely check out Perfect glasses range & prices because there will be something to suit you.

You can find out more & shop at:

Take Care 
Love Lottie 

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Luxury Grace Cole England

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well & life is treating you well?
I am getting pretty good at this whole blogging thing I have to say I am pretty impressed with myself the number of posts I've done so far this year. I did say I was going to throw myself into it more to try & keep myself busy & stop my mind from thinking about things it shouldn't. So aren't you lucky :)

As I am a bit of a big Instagram fan I am forever looking on there not just at people's pages but also brands pages. I just think it's such a great platform. Recently while looking about on there I come across a beauty brand I had not heard of before Grace Cole England

Grace Cole was created in 2007 & offer a collection of luxury bath, body & also home products. The products are all packed with amazing fragrances so help you relax & smell fantastic! Not only that but for me packaging of a product is a big sell I think especially when buying beauty products so Grace Cole packaging just drew me in. The packaging is just beautiful on its own. The bottles remind me a bit of Baylis & Harding style bottles but with their own stamp on them which I think makes them even better! 

As the same also suggests Grace Cole is a UK made brand which also is against animal testing & all products are 100% paraben free.

So when trying to decide on what fragrance products to get you literally are spoilt for choice. Which makes it hard to chose. Currently due to the time of year it is they also have Valentine's fragrances such as Vanilla Blush & Peony, Warm Vanilla & Sandalwood & other gorgeous scents.

So I got to try:

Radiance Body Scrub - Vanilla Blush & Peony

Body scrubs are great to use I find once a week to polish your skin. They are perfect to use when perhaps removing fake tan, or before you apply it to smooth your skin & remove any dead skin cells to begin with. The scrub contains gentle beads which help to reveal glowing skin, leaving it soft & smelling lovely. Not only that but the beads in Grace Cole scrubs are biodegradable eco beads. The Vanilla Blush & Peony is a gorgeous scent! It's a light but floral smell with a slight musk hint to it. After using the scrub once my skin felt so soft & it felt nice & light on the skin. 

To use:
*Lather with warm water
*Gently massage the scrub onto the skin in circular motions
*Rinse well after

Relaxing Bath Soak - Vanilla Blush & Peony

I am a huge lover of a bath. It just relaxes me & helps to de-stress me. Plus it gives you time out to yourself to just chill & pamper. I think everyone needs that. So a great bubble bath is a must. I love the type of bubble bath which leaves you with lots of bubbles & is a creamy texture. So again like the body scrub I picked the Vanilla Blush & Peony which is a gorgeous scent. All you do is simply pour a generous amount into the bath & just lay back & unwind. The bottle comes with a cute pink tassel to match the packaging too. Which I love the extra bit of detail.

Refreshing Body Mist - Vanilla Blush & Peony

I love to use body mists sometimes instead of a perfume because they are so light on your skin & just like perfumes they leave your skin smelling lovely & fresh. The body mists from Grace Cole are so refreshing I have found which I love. Again like the bubble bath bottle it comes in a glassy look bottle with the little tassel to add extra detail to the bottle. Which makes it look even more luxurious. The bottles come in two sizes so you can get a smaller bottle to carry around in your bag or a larger bottle for home or to carry if you wish. So you can apply the refreshing mist when you like to ensure you are left smelling gorgeous. It is a delicate scent which lasts for a while.

I literally am super impressed with this brand because not only to the products smell lovely, but the packaging looks luxury high end but the prices are so affordable & amazing quality. Which is what you want right? Amazing quality beauty products which aren't going to break the bank.

If you would like to shop their collections or find out more you can find them at:


Also all the product descriptions I have spoken about above are linked to make your lives easier :)
So you simply can click on the descriptions & it will take you to the products.

Take Care
Love Lottie xox

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Masque Bar Beauty Masks

Hello All,

I hope you are okay & your week has treated you well?

I have tried Masque Bar face masks before at around Christmas time. I tried a hot cocoa cream mask & the pretty animalz face sheet mask which at christmas time they did as reindeers, polar bears & such animals. So when I tried them then I was impressed so I decided to give a few more products a try from them.

Masque Bar was developed in Korea, they created sheet masques which with serums & ingredients that make your skin soaked with goodness which the sheet is pre cut to contour your face. The sheet is designed with cut out holes to protect your eyes, lips, nostrils. These are a perfect for a quick facial in your own home & a quick skincare fix. They are super easy to use & can leave your skin feeling amazing. I have become such a huge fan of them!

This time I got:

Collagen Peel Modelling Mask

Collagen helps to keep your skin plumped & keeps the elasticity of it. It helps to purify your skin by gently lifting away the impurities & dead skin cells. It also helps to supply nourishment to the skin to give it an instant brightening effect. So collagen is such an important ingredient to have in your skincare ingredients.

This mask comes in a pot where you add water, stir & then apply it, then later peel it off.

So it is so quick & easy to use!

Brightening Sheet Mask

These help to minimise the appearance of dark spots & any pigmentation blemishes & give you a more even complexion. 
The sheet masks ingredients contain Orange extract, Liquorice Root extract & Vitamin C.  

The pack contains 3 masks so it is great for several uses to keep your skin in top condition.

To use them all you do it:

*Remove any make up & cleanse your face

*Open the packet & take out the mask

*Apply the mask on to your face gently smoothing it down to the skin

*Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes

*Remove the mask & rub in any excess product from the mask

Intense Moisturising Foot Mask

I can suffer with dry balls of my feet & for the summer period there is nothing worse having dry feet on show when wearing flip flops. So it is important to give your feet some TLC every now & then too.

These masks leave your skin feeling smooth, soft & moisturised. They are perfect for anyone who suffers with dry, cracked feet or heels. As they help to improve the skins appearance.

The masks contain:

*Shea Butter
*Apple Extract

Again just like the face masks these are super easy to use which is the great thing about them because anyone can use them!

To use them all you do is:

*Ensure your feet are clean & wash with warm water

*Open the packet & put the foot masks on 

*Leave the masks on for 20-30 minutes

*Remove the masks & rub in any remaining product 

All of Masque Bar's products are SUPER affordable & are so great for your skin. They are perfect for anyone as there is something for everyone because everyone needs some TLC & pamper every now & then right?

You can find out more about Masque Bar at:

Take Care
Love Lottie